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As you watch the short movie, consider the following:

  • How does the movie differ from the story?
    • Amount of money
    • Parents die in the end
    • Monkey paw goes in the fire in the story, but not in the movie
    • More of a backstory in the movie with regards to India

ambiguous, ambiguity

  • Why do you think the director of the movie made these decisions?
    • More content, especially visual content
    • Give more information, fill out the story
  • If you were the director of the movie, what would you have done differently?
    • Choose a younger actor for the son
    • Include the scene where the son dies at the mill
    • Make the parents older
  • After watching the movie, would you read the story differently?
    • Accent!

Page 124 Activity

  • At least 8 frames, not 12.
  • To share, you will give your storyboard to another group, and THEY will interpret it and explain it to the class.
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