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Tootsie, Part 4

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  • in one go = all at once

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  • Les only took two pictures in his whole life. What were they?
  • Les asks Dorothy to "think about it". What do you think it is he wants her to think about? HINT: Something happens on the screen that you obviously can't see in the mp3 file.



  • out of your cotton pickin' mind = crazy, nuts, whacko, cookoo, 神經病
  • a has-been = somebody who was once famous but isn't any longer
  • slut = a promiscuous, slovenly woman (derogatory term)

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  • How long does Dorothy tell John he can stay?
  • Why does John go to Dorothy's apartment?



  • diabetic

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  • Why is Sandy mad at the very beginning of the mp3 file?
  • Michael gives Sandy a box of chocolates that he had originally gotten from somebody else. Michael wasn't aware that there was a card on the box. Sandy finds the card and reads it. What does it say on the card?



  • wall-to-wall = everywhere, full, all over the place

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  • What time is it? (The time is given in the very first sentence.)
  • This is a really fun audio file, partly because it's so confusing. Michael and his agent, George, talk about what others in the movie think of Dorothy and Michael. Try to list as many points in that conversation as you can. EXAMPLE: Julie thinks Dorothy is a lesbian.