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Tootsie, Part 2

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  • did time = spent time in prison
  • cottage cheese = a type of low-calorie cheese

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  • What did he see on sale that he wanted but couldn't buy because another woman got it first?
  • What time does Michael get up in the morning?
  • What reason does Michael give the studio for having to put on his own makeup?
  • What is Michael's "biggest problem"? Why?


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  • How long have they known each other?
  • Why does Sandy want her "pain now"? What pain is she talking about?


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  • Why doesn't Michael want his roommate, Jeff, to answer the phone?
  • Why did Michael give the studio his home number? (HINT: Jeff asks, "Why did you give them this number?")
  • Why can't Michael answer the phone as Dorothy?



  • run some lines = to practice reading a script
  • defrost = to unfreeze frozen food (Julie says, "I'm a born defroster", meaning that she's very good at cooking frozen food. She's trying to be funny.)
  • bust = chest area
  • "hippy" = When Michael says hippy, he means it looks like he has huge hips.

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  • Why doesn't Michael want to wear white?
  • Why doesn't Michael want to wear what Jeff calls, "this thing"?



  • "baloni" = an exclamation that is a nice way of saying "bullshit!" or "nonsense!".

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  • What are Michael's excuses for being late? Try to name at least two.
  • According to Michael, who was the woman who Sandy saw walk into his apartment?