Splendor in the Grass, Vocabulary

Segment 1

  1. stocks
  2. Elks club: a social club in the US
  3. To 'go all the way': To have sex. It can also mean to do something all out, without holding anything back.
  4. "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.": This is simply a way of saying 'good night'.
  5. a catch (N): If somebody is "a good catch" it means they are a good partner. It's a fishing term.
  6. home brew: Alcohol made at home. During prohibition, people made their own alcohol.
  7. snob
  8. To "get a girl in trouble" means to get her pregnant if you're not married to her.
  9. "Lay it on me": Tell me what's on your mind.
  10. sis: sister
  11. To spoil someone: To give them too much and make them lazy. Later in the movie, 'spoil' is used differently.
  12. "Go hog wild": Go crazy with fun or to indulge oneself completely.
  13. headstrong
  14. tardy: late for class
  15. culprit
  16. To put somebody on a pedestal: To view somebody in an idealistic manner.
  17. chivalry
  18. broad daylight: In the middle of the day, in clear light.
  19. To be nuts about something/somebody: To really like something/somebody.

Segment 2

  1. prosperity
  2. sermon
  3. hypocrite
  4. prohibition: A period in US history in the 1920's when alcohol was illegal.
  5. filling station: gas station
  6. lay off: Leave someone alone
  7. chaperone
  8. torment
  9. gumption: Guts, aggressiveness
  10. bootlegger: Someone who illegally sold alcohol during prohibition
  11. so long: goodbye

Segment 3

  1. sedative
  2. to carry on: To behave in an inappropriate way
  3. spoil: In this segment, 'spoil' means to ruin a woman by having sex with her outside of marriage.
  4. psychiatrist
  5. To have the time of your life: To have a great time.
  6. To get worked up: To get angry or very emotional in either a good or bad way.

Segment 4

  1. elegant
  2. trying (ADJ): difficult
  3. For stocks to 'crash': lose value very quickly
  4. flunk: not pass a course
  5. talk turkey: talk straight, be open and honest
  6. ranch (V): to tend to a ranch
  7. "This world is your oyser": This world is yours for the taking; you can do what you like in life.
  8. run-down: tired, can also mean worn out (like a building)
  9. funeral parlor: a place where dead people are prepared for burial
  10. "He's around back": He's in the back yard.
  11. "jeepers": wow, gee whiz
  12. 40 'head' of cattle: 'head' is the count word for cattle