Splendor in the Grass, Part Discussion

  1. What was the psychiatrist's message to Deanie? What was the atmosphere like during their meeting?
  2. How does Deanie feel about going home?
  3. How does Deanie feel about John?
  4. Does the Dr. think Deanie should see Bud when she gets out? Why or why not?
  5. What happened to Bud's sister?
  6. Why does Deanie's father tell her where Bud is?
  7. What is Bud's new life like? How would you describe their lifestyle?
  8. How do you think Deanie and Bud felt to see each other again? How does Angelina feel to see Deanie?
  9. Is the ending happy or sad? Why?
  10. What famous movie from the 1990s did the actor who played the psychiatrist appear in?