Splendor in the Grass, Part 3 Discussion

Pre-viewing activity

In Part 2, Bud tells Deany that they should see each other any more, but doesn't explain why.

In small groups, write a letter from Bud to Deany explaining why you (Bud) want to stop seeing her.

Post-viewing discussion

  1. How do the parents react to how Deany is acting?
  2. When the mother asks if Deany has been 'spoiled', why do you think Deany gets so upset?
  3. How do people feel about 'mental trouble'?
  4. What kind of person is Toots?
  5. How does Deany act at the dance. How would you describe her state of mind (before she freaks out, of course)?
  6. What is the hospital like in which Deany is staying? How would you describe it?
  7. What do you find odd about Bud's conversation with the waitress, Angelina?
  8. How does Deany feel when talking with her parents at the hospital? What does her mother say that bothers her?