Listening practice:My Sister's Keeper, Part 2


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  • blood count
  • dyslexic

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  • What does Kate realize and how does she feel about it?


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Don't try to answer the following questions word for word. You can summarize and use your own words to answer the questions.

  • What does Kate say to her dad?
  • What does Kate say to her mom?
  • What does Kate say to Anna?



  • Judge De Salvo
  • nervous breakdown

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  • Why did Judge De Salvo have a nervous breakdown?
  • How long did she take off from work?



  • service dog
  • "Your honor"
  • carpets
  • counselor
  • new age
  • termination
  • summary dismissal

The following bit is difficult. Do not worry about the phrases in italics. We will discuss them in class.

Very creative. I assume you have precedent?

Yes, Planned Parenthood v. Danforth. Mature minor doctrine: Smith v. Seibly. Agrello v. Florida.

And defense is moving for summary dismissal?

Yes. Today, if possible.

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  • Who did Mr. Alexander once try to sue in Judge De Salvo's court? Did he win?
  • What does his client, Anna, want?
  • What, exactly, is Anna after?
  • Why does the mom, Sarah, want a summary dismissal?



  • lucid
  • system failure
  • fever
  • dialysis

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  • What is the doctor trying to tell Sarah?
  • How long does Kate have left? (This is kind of hard to hear; they are sort of whispering.)



  • Miss Swearingen
  • Ηave you spoken to the Make-A-Wish people? (We'll discuss this in class.)
  • hospice
  • broad (NP)
  • donar
  • court order

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  • What is Miss Swearingen trying to get Sarah to acknowledge?
  • Why won't the hospital do the operation without a court order?



  • happy hour
  • cocktail
  • Taylor
  • hang together

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  • What does Anna do when she's not in the hospital?
  • What does Taylor ask her for?