The Life of David Gale, Part 2


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  • profoundly
  • Berlin (name)
  • the grape vine
  • power differential equals coercion
  • aspire to

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  • This is a difficult selection. Simply state, as best you can, what you think they're talking about. Gale says something 'profoundly stupid' happened. What is he talking about? What happened?



  • Batter's Box = it's a name of a fictional TV program in which people debate controversial issues
  • Governor Hardin = fictional Governor of Texas
  • capital punishment
  • Death Watch = fictional organization opposed to capital punishment
  • deterred
  • Gandhi
  • fuzzy liberal thinking
  • Winston Churchill
  • Hitler

Note: It's hard to understand much after the Hitler quote. We'll discuss it in class. Don't spend too much time trying to figure out the last part of the file (after the Hitler quote).

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  • How many studies does Gale claim have been done that show that capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime?
  • What did Gandhi say about the concept of 'an eye for an eye'?
  • What quote of Winston Churchill does the governor use?
  • What quote of Hitler does Gale use?



  • to drop charges
  • traumatized
  • to get bailed out
  • a postcard

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  • What evidence made it look like Gale raped Berlin?
  • Why does Gale think Berlin falsely accused him of rape?
  • Where did Gale get a postcard from and what did it say?



  • Securitat method = a form of execution that you'll probably never hear of again
  • handcuffed
  • suffocate
  • Romanians
  • framing, to frame, to be framed by someone
  • tripod
  • paranoid
  • abolitionist

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  • Why does Gale think that someone left the tripod at the murder scene?
  • Who does Gale say he's relying on to prove his innocence?