TEACH-NOW candidates who wish to play around with this material please note that the forms only work on the following movies:

I'll fix the forms on the others... eventually. Or, if you request that forms work on a specific movie, let me know. If you wish to actually receive form data to your Email address, you'll have to let me know so I can add you as a recipient

Also, please note that you will have to test the web pages. I have not used this material in years, and there may be some deprecated code, bad links, or other problems. If you see anything wrong, let me know.

Finally, when I used these projects, they were usually part of a larger project and I supplemented them by watching the actual movies. I would watch the movies in segments generally aligned with the listening comprehension segments, watching the movie segments after we completed the listening comprehension activities. The listening comprehension can be assigned as homework, with students then bringing their answers and questions to class for discussion.

Regardless, the point is that these projects should probably used as part of a larger project. The Life of David Gale is about the death penalty, so it would fit nicely with a project on that topic. Splendor in the Grass is a very rich movie that is relevant to the Roaring 20's and subsequent market crash, women's rights, and other topics. My Sister's Keeper is about medical ethics among other things. They can be used as standalone projects, certainly, but can also be used as part of a much larger project.